Eastern Mahjong

Eastern Mahjong 1.0

Eastern Mahjong is a new version of the Mahhong classic game
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Eastern Mahjong is a new version of the Mahhong classic game.
The rules are the traditional ones. The users will have a board with a lot of tiles, grouped in piles. The goal is to clear all the tiles on the board, by finding pairs of identical tiles. The tiles that can be selected must have at least two of their sides free, otherwise they will be blocked.

Eastern Mahjong adds a difficulty to this: the players will have to complete the boards in a given time. Otherwise, the game will be over, and the score will be the obtained till that moment.

It is possible to choose between several game modes, from very simple to classic. The players can choose to use various different backgrounds and tiles. This game allows to choose tiles from a large set of symbols, plants and animals pictures.

During the game, you can perform some actions that will make it easier to find pairs of tiles, but they are not free. The game will take some of your points as a "payment". You can reshuffle the tiles, but the game will take 1000 points from you. Asking for a hint costs 300 points. Undoing a move costs 100 points.

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